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Micro Tôlerie Dallard

Your small prototypes and medium series supplier Less 1gr 3kg

Our strengths

The mastery of our business , our reactivity , our quality, our production and technical support for the study and the feasibility that we can bring you .

Our company received ISO 9001 certification.
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We specialize in the production of parts Small-scale prototypes and highly technical , for all the high technology areas that require precision and flawless execution quality ( aerospace, medical , electronics, automotive ... )

Our skills


We carry different welding modes: TIG , Micro Plasma brazing silver per point, Laser.

Forming and bending

Folding : 2 Press brakes AMADA CNC 50T , 36T TRUPMH 1 Press brake CNC.

cutting wire

We are equipped with a cutting machine by electroerosion automatic threading.

Découpe laser

Nous avons deux lasers : Un TRULASER CELL 3010 de marque TRUMPF, piloté par informatique.
We control the transformation of all the noble metals : the Alus , the inoxs , copper , brass, beryllium bronze etc ...

Our projects